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Opening to the general audience is more grounded

Source:         Date:2019-04-23 09:15:18

According to the recent meeting of the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress and the CPPCC National Committee, in order to meet the general audience's demand for the exhibition, the China International Import and Export Bureau is currently working with relevant departments to develop the second exhibition of the National Expo. The plan is to open the national exhibition in the import fair to the general audience free of charge, and is currently applying for approval according to relevant procedures.

The public is looking forward to entering the Expo

“As an ordinary audience, I am very fortunate to be able to get the last day’s ticket.” Ms. Mindu of Shanghai recalled to the International Business Daily reporter that she visited the first session of the Expo and said, “Into the Expo Pavilion” The products are rich and novel, such as the food museum has bread from Northern Europe; the jewelry hall displays a rare blue gem from Afghanistan; the industrial museum 'flying car' has caused many people to watch." She said that reform Since the opening, the people are no strangers to imported products, but the exhibits at this exhibition are not seen in the import supermarkets and importers.

“I have a big supermarket in the United States that will open its first store in China next year in Shanghai, so I chose to participate in the Expo to open up the popularity.” Ms. Du said that many exhibitors participated in the Expo. The purpose is to recommend products on the one hand, and to seek cooperation from local agents on the other hand.

The last two days of the first Expo will be the group audience open day, which will make the ordinary audience like Ms. Du enter the Expo on the group audience day, and experience and experience the world-famous event. However, the opening time of just two days is far from satisfying the desire of individuals and ordinary audiences to visit the Expo, which is the main reason for the second Expo to consider opening to more ordinary audiences.

Further activate consumption potential

Zhao Ping, director of the International Trade Research Department of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said in an interview with an international business newspaper that it is crucial for the Expo to increase public openness. Consumers visit the Expo and enjoy a glimpse of high-quality products from all over the world. This will help foster new consumer willingness and an important basis for future consumption growth.

Zhao Ping explained that although China's supply-side structural reforms are deepening and the ability to supplement short-boards is increasing, the supply capacity of middle and high-end products is also improving. However, compared with the pace of accelerated domestic consumption upgrades, supply is still in a catch-up position. There is still a gap, which requires the expansion of imports to supplement the short supply of insufficient supply in the domestic market.

Zhao Ping believes that holding import fairs and actively expanding imports will increase Chinese consumers' perceptions of high-end goods and services, and gradually cultivate consumer willingness and consumption habits, thus forming realistic consumer demand. It can be said that the promotion of the Expo will not only benefit the current consumption upgrade, but also help to release the consumption potential that is constrained by the lack of domestic supply and promote the steady growth of domestic demand. With such market demand, domestic enterprises will gain more stable and stronger market support for product innovation and technological innovation, reduce innovation risks and accelerate industrial upgrading.

The opening of the Expo to the general audience means that the flow of people will increase. Zhao Ping suggested that scientific and reasonable line design and emergency plan should be established to ensure the visit experience.

According to the reporter's understanding, the second session of the Expo will be divided into five major sectors: equipment, consumption, health, food, and service. It will be equipped with technology life, automobiles, equipment, medical equipment and medical care, quality life, service trade, food and agricultural products. In the exhibition area, the high-end consumer goods area will be added to the quality life exhibition area, the AR/VR area will be added to the technology life exhibition area, the medical equipment and medical care exhibition area will increase the theme of old-age care, and more will be closely related to consumers and comply with the consumption upgrade demand. The product will be unveiled at the Expo.