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The second session of the Expo will stage a "war"

Source:         Date:2019-02-20 10:37:32

At the second reception meeting held on January 18th, Wang Bingnan, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce and director of the China International Import and Export Expo, said that according to President Xi Jinping, the China International Import Expo will not only be carried out every year, but also The spirit of the important instructions of leveling out, achieving results, and getting better and better, the second session of the Expo will focus on “bigger scale, better quality, stronger innovation, higher level, better results”, and preparations have begun. .

Before the preferential deadline for registration on January 31st, the second session of the Expo will welcome the small climax of overseas companies to sign up for the exhibition. Compared with the first China International Import Expo, the registration of enterprises has become more active and decisive, and the participation of the exhibitors in the “spelt group” has become a prominent highlight.

Enterprises and institutions fight for a position

Although the deadline for registration of the 2nd China International Import Expo is April 30 this year, and the planned area of the commercial exhibition has increased by 30,000 square meters compared with the first session, the "Great War" has already been staged.

The crowd is full, the big single is full... Milan, Italy, the second import fair promotion meeting was held here.

Unlike last year's lack of understanding and slight hesitation, this year's exhibitors are quite active. At the promotion meeting, well-known Italian companies such as L.MANETTI-H.ROBERTS SPA, Oulide Group SRL and Pharsmart SRL signed the second exhibition contract and took over 2,200 square meters of exhibition area. In addition, the Italian Italian-Chinese Foundation, the Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Foreign Trade Association signed a group exhibition agreement with the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), with a planned net area of 2,000 square meters.

This is just one of the hot spots for the second-time import fair to attract investment. In order to catch the "last train" on January 31, many overseas exhibition organizations "spelt the group" to join the "grab battle." In just two weeks before the concession deadline, more than 30 overseas exhibition organizations have signed the “Memorandum of Cooperation on the Second Import Expo” to actively promote the admission of the second session of the SMEs in their countries. Voucher.

It is understood that at present, overseas enterprises participating in the import fair can register directly or participate in the exhibition through overseas exhibition organizations. Unlike the first entry fair, “Jingtuan” has become a distinct feature of the second session of the Expo.