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2019, the world is optimistic about the Chinese economy.

Source:People's daily         Date:2019-02-12 03:24:15

In the face of the challenges of stability and change, the Chinese economy in 2018 handed over a transcript that was generally stable and stable. According to economic data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, in 2018, China’s total economic output exceeded 90 trillion yuan for the first time, an increase of 6.6% over the previous year, and its growth rate ranked first among the top five economies in the world. China's economic data has caused widespread concern among foreign media. They believe that China's economic trend is stable, domestic demand and innovation drive continue to grow, development momentum is strong, and the positive impact on the world is still increasing.

"China has become an innovative economic power, and high-tech manufacturing has maintained rapid growth." The Greek "News" quoted the 2018 Global Innovation Index released by the World Intellectual Property Organization as saying that China ranks among the top 20 most innovative in the world. The list of economies. The leading role of innovation in China's development has been strengthened, new modes of new business have flourished, and new technologies such as digital consumption, e-commerce, modern supply chain, and Internet finance have been integrated, effectively driving the development of platform economy, shared economy, and intelligent economy.

The Chinese economy is moving steadily from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. The supply-side structural reforms have been further advanced and the quality of economic development has continued to improve. The Lianhe Zaobao said that although the external environment is complex and severe, the Chinese economy has maintained a sustained and healthy development.

China's industrial structure continues to escalate and demand structure is adjusted and optimized. “In China, the old production capacity is being withdrawn, and new production capacity is constantly being formed, so that the market can see the dawn,” Reuters reported.

Italy's "Invest Today" website said that the positive signal released by the Chinese economy is that services and consumption are playing an increasingly important role in economic growth. Enterprises in the fields of China's electronic communications, Internet, and pharmaceuticals are paying more attention to sustainable long-term development by increasing investment in research and development. The Chinese economy is full of new opportunities.

The United Nations recently released the "World Economic Situation and Prospects for 2019" report pointed out that the optimization and upgrading of China's economic structure in all areas will play a positive role in economic growth, import and export trade and wealth growth in the Asia-Pacific region. In the past year, the contribution of the Chinese economy to world economic growth has approached 30%, and it has continued to be the largest contributor to world economic growth. The Greek "News" believes that China's economy has maintained steady growth and provided a strong impetus to the world economy.

“Africa needs more Chinese investment.” The report of the South African “Pretoria News” came to the fore. China’s economic pre-behavior has brought tremendous opportunities in Africa. Chinese investment not only promotes non-intermediate trade, but also injects great impetus into African development.

“For Italy, the most influential variables in the next few years will come from the Chinese and Chinese economies.” Milan Finance Network quoted Italian Deputy Minister of Economic Development Gerachi as saying that China will bring rare opportunities for development in Italy. Italy is optimistic about China's development.