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Opening is the wheel of historical progress

Source:People's Daily Overseas Edition         Date:2019-01-31 09:57:57

Openness brings progress, and closure must be backward. This is a rule that has been repeatedly verified in the history of human society. Today, openness is still the trend of the times. Open to the enterprise, how to carry out overseas business and cross-border layout; open to the country, what kind of trade policy and investment policy is formulated; open to the world, how to benefit from the disadvantages, and seek a new round of higher quality and more Pratt & Whitney's economic globalization. Standing in front of the wheel of history, China’s answer is: take advantage of the trend.

China knows the meaning of openness. "Ganga has a bitterness, and the United States has a thorn." Everything has its two sides, and it is impossible to enjoy only the benefits and not the problems. Historically, the economic development of any country or region has often accompanied the expansion of the flow of factors and commodities. In particular, the technological progress brought about by every industrial revolution has greatly shortened the geographical distance and communication time, thus opening up a vast world for opening up, directly accelerating the process of economic globalization, and ultimately contributing to the growth of the world economy. In the face of the downturn before the new round of industrial revolution, in the face of the global economic “cake” is not easy to become a bottleneck period, facing the pressure period of growth and distribution, capital and labor, efficiency and fairness, etc. China has neither squandered food nor rodents, but has faced the laws of historical development and has unswervingly expanded its opening to the outside world.

China needs open value. "With copper as a mirror, you can wear a crown; with history as a mirror, you can know how to replace it; with a human mirror, you can understand the gains and losses." The old China is rich and weak, and the hardships are very important. One of the most important reasons is When Western industrial civilization and blue civilization emerged, the feudal rulers adopted a policy of closing the country and locking the country, so that the country missed the precious opportunity to advance along with the historical wheel. Today, China is already the world's second largest economy, the largest industrial country, the largest cargo trading country, and the largest foreign exchange reserve country. The opportunities and challenges are unprecedented. In this critical period of economic transformation, income growth, and consumption upgrading, further expansion of opening up will bring more abundant product choices, broader sources of factors, more advanced management concepts, and more complete market competition to China. Higher quality development.

China insists on open actions. "There is a glimpse of the end of the paper, and I know that this matter must be carried out." Although unilateralism and trade protectionism are heating up, China’s footsteps in promoting openness have always been firm and strong. For example, the first China International Import Expo attracted 172 countries, regions and international organizations, more than 3,600 companies participated in the exhibition, more than 400,000 domestic and foreign buyers attended the conference to negotiate purchases, the turnover reached 57.8 billion US dollars; another example, China in 2018 Significantly reduced import tariffs on 1,449 consumer goods and 1,585 industrial products, the total tariff level fell to 7.5%, exceeding the commitment to the World Trade Organization and lower than most developing countries; for example, China released foreign investors The investment has entered a new negative list and has been further opened up in the fields of finance, automobiles, aircraft, and ships. The newly established foreign-invested enterprises across the country have achieved substantial growth...

For the big deal, the first pattern. China understands very well that there has never been a smooth road to the progress of human civilization. Only by taking confidence and taking action, and working hand in hand with the countries to advance in the future, can we overcome the staged difficulties of world economic development. Faced with the proposition of expanding the era of opening up, China chose to open the arms to welcome the people of all countries to take the "fast train" and "free ride" developed by China. In this process, the trains developed by China will also be stable and far-reaching because of the active participation of the international community.