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Pilot! Advancing towards high quality development

Source:         Date:2018-12-20 09:09:17

The world is full of things and the response is strong.

Over the past year, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has taken the overall situation and made scientific decisions, leading the Chinese economy to maintain a stable and healthy development, achieving steady progress, and writing a new chapter in the economy of the great powers.

Far-sighted vision

On December 13, the Beijing-Zhangjia high-speed railway Badaling Tunnel with a length of more than 12 kilometers was successfully completed. Next year, this railway is expected to be opened to traffic.

Not far away, the construction of the Beijing World Horticultural Exposition Park will enter the final stage and will officially open next year.

The vitality of vitality is a vivid portrayal of the Chinese economy.

The Central Political Bureau meeting held on the same day made a basic judgment on the "sustainable and healthy development" of the Chinese economy in 2018.

This year, it has been 10 years since the outbreak of the international financial crisis. Despite the overall growth of the world economy, the deep-seated impact of the crisis has not yet been eliminated, various types of risks have accelerated, and instability has increased dramatically.

Embark on the second largest economy in the world to develop a new journey, with a steady transcript to inject more certainty into the world economy:

In the first three quarters, the Chinese economy achieved a growth of 6.7%, employment was stable, prices were stable, and the pattern of “stable” remained unchanged;

In the first three quarters, the contribution of service industry and consumption to economic growth rose to 60.8% and 78% respectively, and the “advanced” situation continued to develop;

In the first three quarters, the number of newly registered enterprises exceeded 18,000 per day. The high-tech industry, equipment manufacturing industry and strategic emerging industries grew rapidly, and the strength of “new” continued to grow.

Under the steady trend, China's economic operation continues to maintain a reasonable range, showing great resilience and deep potential.

"China has become a key element of global economic development and has played an extremely important role in the world stage." Brazil's China expert Carvalho commented.

The situation is clear, the trend is wisdom.

General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly elaborated on the major judgments of "three no changes" on different occasions: "The fundamentals of China's economic development and stability have not changed, the conditions for production factors supporting high-quality development have not changed, and the overall momentum of long-term stability is good. No change."

Steady transcripts, from the scientific guidelines of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist economic thought with Chinese characteristics -

The Central Economic Work Conference held a year ago summed up Xi Jinping's new era of socialist economic thought with Chinese characteristics as the main content, and clearly defined seven "persistences", which provided a fundamental follow-up for China's economic construction in the new era.

The Chinese economy is at a critical juncture in crossing the border. In this year, it insisted on strengthening the party’s centralized and unified leadership over economic work, and the Chinese economy’s large-capacity course is clearer;

The transformation of major social contradictions should better meet the people's growing needs for a better life. In this year, we must adhere to the people-centered development thinking and develop people's hearts and temperatures.

Efforts will be made to promote quality change, efficiency change, and dynamic change. In this year, we will continue to adapt and grasp the new normal of economic development, and the economic endogenous power will be stronger;

The fiscal and tax reforms, price reforms, and state-owned enterprise reforms have been further advanced. In this year, the market has been determined to play a decisive role in resource allocation, to better play the role of the government, and to further remove institutional and institutional obstacles;

Focusing on "breaking", "standing" and "decreasing" to deepen the structural reform of the supply side. In this year, we will continue to improve macroeconomic regulation and control, make choices, and open prescription drugs, and the economic development will be more stable;

Implement a rural revitalization strategy and establish a more effective regional coordination and development mechanism. In this year, we will adhere to the problem-oriented deployment of a new economic development strategy and develop short-term development to fill the gap;

Actively responding and actively seeking change. In this year, we will adhere to correct work strategies and methods, maintain strategic strength, adhere to the bottom line thinking, and achieve progress through stability.

Innovation has become the first driving force, coordination has become an endogenous feature, green has become a universal form, opening has become the only way, and sharing has become the fundamental purpose. Xi Jinping's new era of socialist economic thought with Chinese characteristics has taken root and enriched development in China.

Steady transcripts come from the strategic plan of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core

On the day of "Double Eleven" this year, Tmall's transaction volume exceeded 200 billion yuan for the first time, and the country handled 416 million pieces of express shipments, a record high.

The upgrade of consumption quality is the "pillar" of China's stable economic operation and the "booster" for high-quality development.

More than a month ago, the central government improved the promotion of consumption system and mechanism, stimulated the consumption potential of residents to introduce heavy documents, and deployed to upgrade the quality of consumption to promote high-quality development.

The general trend of chess and the overall situation.

In the 2018 Central Political Bureau meeting, four times analyzed the economic situation and economic work, and directed the economic operation in the important nodes, and the camera was controlled; the Central Finance and Economic Committee held three meetings, focusing on the three major battles of building a well-off society in an all-round way. Improve the ability of key core technologies to innovate and improve China's natural disaster prevention and control capabilities... Over the past year, the Party Central Committee has taken a broader vision and a longer-term perspective to make a blueprint for economic development.

The central comprehensive deepening reform committee held five meetings, and the reform and opening up continued to advance in depth; the Central Military-civilian Integration Development Committee held two meetings, emphasizing persistence in deepening reform and innovation, and accelerating the deep development of military-civilian integration... Over the past year, focusing on major economic development issues, The Party Central Committee has been strategizing and stepping up efforts to promote various tasks in the economic field.

From resolutely fighting pollution prevention and control to winning the fight against poverty, from fully implementing budget performance management to improving state-owned financial capital management, from deepening party and state institutional reform to supporting Hainan to comprehensively deepen reform and opening up... Over the past year, focus on economic development A series of major deployments were successively launched to focus on solving outstanding contradictions and problems.

Steady transcripts come from the overall coordination and overall advancement of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core.

In Hainan in April, it is full of green, blue sky and sea.