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Policy interpretation of the measures for filing major exhibition activities in hangzhou

Source:Hangzhou government net         Date:2018-06-14 08:46:58

Ii. What is the basis for the implementation of the measures for filing major exhibition activities in hangzhou?

A: in October 2017, hangzhou issued the regulations on the promotion of the exhibition industry in hangzhou.

What kinds of exhibition activities need to be registered?

A: in the administrative region of hangzhou, the exhibition activities meeting one of the following conditions should be put on record:

(1) domestic meetings attended by more than 150 persons (" above "and" below "include the same number, and international conferences attended by more than 50 persons and attended by more than three states and regions;

(2) exhibitions and sales activities with an area of more than 3,000 square meters held at professional venues;

(3) mass sports events with a single participation of more than 1,000 people and competitive sports events with more than 1,000 people (including spectators);

(4) performing arts activities with a single audience of more than 1,000;

(5) festival activities involving more than 1,000 people;

(6) various kinds of exhibition activities organized by international organizations, national associations and international and domestic top 500 enterprises.

Who is the subject of filing?

Answer: the host unit of convention and exhibition activity or host unit is the main body that registers declare, have a number of host unit or host unit, choose a to declare can.The hosting unit or the undertaking unit may also entrust other units to handle the preparation in writing.

Which department at the municipal level will handle the filing?

A: hangzhou development and exhibition industry coordination office (hereinafter referred to as hangzhou exhibition office) is responsible for accepting the filing application of exhibition organizers through the official website of hangzhou exhibition and exhibition.