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Qingdao wins plaudits with the light of harmony

Source:China Trade News         Date:2018-06-13 08:46:59

According to the data released by the organizing committee of the Shanghai cooperation Qingdao summit, nearly 3,000 Chinese and foreign journalists registered for the conference.An international conference takes a city to the next level.After the Shanghai cooperation Qingdao summit, the Qingdao conference center will not only become a new tourist attraction and landmark, but also enhance Qingdao's international influence, industry insiders said.

Reconstruction and reuse of the original venues

The Shanghai cooperation Qingdao summit has put the Qingdao convention center, a building with views of mountains and sea, into the spotlight.Qingdao convention center is the former Qingdao Olympic sailing center.The Qingdao Olympic sailing center has long been known as the venue for sailing competitions at the 29th Beijing Olympics and the 13th paralympics in 2008.

"The Shanghai cooperation Qingdao summit did not build new venues, but used the legacy resources left by the Olympic sailing center," said one media person.This is something that other cities can learn from.

"Qingdao's move not only conforms to the principle of thrift, but also to the development concept of resource sharing."Chinese exhibition economy research association executive vice President of ChuXiangYin China trade news reporter interview, also said the Qingdao Olympic sailing center renovation conference center, which can reuse and transformation of the value.First of all, Qingdao aofan center is located in the south of Qingdao fushan bay, natural conditions are superior, with a location advantage.Secondly, the hardware facilities of the rebuilt Qingdao conference center are complete and meet the needs of holding international conferences.

It is understood that after the transformation of the Qingdao conference center design implication is off "dream, sailing navigation, the banquet hall main body modelling is like the sails of the waves, both venues fit" landscape integration, the harmony "of the site environment, rich Marine characteristics.The reconstruction project preserves the original frame structure foundation of the center and makes full use of the original space.

The service team is good at fighting hard battles

"At night, more touching than fireworks is the nervous, orderly and busy figure of every colleague."Beichen group officials sent reporters a photo of colleagues pushing a dining car for a quick walk, not far from fireworks.To ensure the best service, the guests, who were closest to the fireworks, were not able to enjoy the view.

It is learned that at the Shanghai summit in Qingdao, beichen group organized a service team of 180 people, most of whom have participated in the G20 hangzhou summit and the brics xiamen summit.In addition, in order to serve the dinner well, beichen group has also selected a group of people with good service skills from other hotels, conference centers and four universities.

Although this service team has experienced many meetings and activities, it still dare not relax in order to ensure the success of the Shanghai cooperation Qingdao summit.The engineering department and security department have conducted numerous inspections and tests.The welcome dinner menu is one of the biggest attractions.In order to make the guests have a better catering experience, the chef team adheres to the ancient art and techniques, innovates the formula and tries again and again, and develops the traditional shandong and Qingdao special food.

The Shanghai cooperation summit will enhance Qingdao's influence

"Hosting the Shanghai cooperation Qingdao summit is a test and an opportunity for Qingdao."According to people familiar with the matter within the exhibition industry in Qingdao, in order to guarantee the smooth summit on Qingdao, Qingdao to high standards, zero error, zero error as the service standards, to the highest specifications of the most tightly, the best style, the implementation of the service, the fastest response as a target.

At the Shanghai summit in Qingdao, a team of 800 advisers, most of whom have been involved in securing national summits, were present.The welcome dinner for the Shanghai cooperation Qingdao summit is arranged in the banquet hall of the Qingdao convention center. The sea stage of the fireworks display is directly opposite the audience and is built on a 20-meter foundation built by the port.The stage is mainly divided into three parts: mesa, projector and curtain.Surface has the shape of a globe video projector, projector is a 113 - meter - long behind annulus, annulus that not only must carry on the light show, the scenes of ocean and city landscape perspective, fusion in performance.

It is reported that after the closing of the Shanghai cooperation Qingdao summit, the stage of the Qingdao conference center will not be dismantled, but will become a new tourist attraction.Qingdao hopes to take the opportunity of the conference to accelerate the integration of tourism and other industries.