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Shenzhen international convention and exhibition center will be the "largest living room in the world".

Source:Shenzhen Special Zone Daily         Date:2018-06-12 08:40:03

Shenzhen international convention and exhibition center (phase I) has a total construction area of 1.58 million square meters. How to achieve efficient management and quality control is one of the major problems.In the office area, the most striking feature is the large LED screen of a conference room like a traffic control center.Build a game of shenzhen international convention and exhibition center project implementation manager MoHuiLing introduces to the reporter, the LED screen is the "central brain" and command center project, management through the computer terminals, at any time obtaining engineering field of more than 200 images of cameras and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) acquisition, real-time monitoring the construction site, site living area and office area.

How can the daily lives of tens of thousands of workers be solved in such a large construction area?Walking into the workers' living quarters, the orderly rows of neat, clean and tidy container board rooms were applauded.According to introducing, this is the world's largest workers living area, covers an area of 89500 square meters, construction area of 76000 square meters, green area of 5216 square meters, four canteen can meet 2320 people dining at the same time at the same time, six air can water heater can meet the demand of peak 8000 bath at the same time.Wang tinglian, a rebar worker at the construction site, said that there were couples' houses, supermarkets, barber shops, infirmary and night schools at the site.

The project site has also built a safe education experience hall covering an area of 1,200 square meters, where workers are required to complete experiential safety education before they start to work.In the fall experience area, residents wear VR glasses to enter the 600-meter high altitude scene operation, and experience the 600-meter high altitude fall personally."It's scary!With such a safe experience, who would dare not follow the standard construction work?!"A citizen took off VR glasses and told the reporter with deep feeling.