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The first Changchun cultural exhibition Week opens in the middle of this month.

Source:         Date:2018-06-09 06:24:58

At the news conference of the first Changchun cultural exhibition week, Xu Huaiwu said that this week was sponsored by the Changchun cultural and radio news bureau and the Changchun Committee of the China International Trade Promotion Committee (China International Trade Promotion Committee). The cultural exhibition activities of the Jilin Provincial Department of culture and the China non-material heritage protection Association will be supported by and guided by the China National Association for the protection of the intangible heritage. Exhibition, exchange, cooperation, inheritance "as the theme, with the fourteenth China (Changchun) International Animation Art Fair, the 2018 Northeast Asian Cultural Industry Expo, excellent cultural activities, conference forum activities and other four series, 33 activities, the original with the province based, the north area as the focus of the animation art fair, Will gradually expand to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Changzhou, Hangzhou and other national animation developed areas.

It is understood that in the event of the week 2018 Northeast Asian Cultural Industry Expo, will set Belt and Road Initiative? International Exhibition Hall, the most beautiful symbol? China Pavilion and great American hometown? Jilin Pavilion, such as the three big exhibition hall, and the introduction of non - heritage projects, cultural and economic and trade projects docking, forum summit and national song and dance exhibition and other plates, with rich variety of content and audio-visual flavor of the four in a multi angle stereoscopic publicity, all-round display the diversity of Northeast Asia culture.

In addition, Xu Huaiwu said at the meeting that the attempt to show the form of "Exhibition + culture" in this week's cultural exhibition will set up a cultural communication platform with a profound cultural industry for the city, promote the deep integration of excellent cultural traditional industries and modern new culture industries, and cultivate the cultural consumption market. The release of cultural consumption potential, leading to the formation of a new number of cultural consumption hot spots, while promoting Changchun in the northeast region or the national cultural industry development to occupy a new highland.