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Backed by the ministries

Source:         Date:2018-06-06 08:52:46

The world of convention and exhibition bureaus can be divided into those who view exhibitions as essentially business tourism, and those who view it (rightly) as a function of industry.

Nichapa Yoswee, the former Reed Thailand and Vietnam MD, now TCEB’s director of MICE capabilities, sits resolutely in the latter camp, having earlier this year initiated a new project that aims to throw the might of the public sector behind the will of private enterprise.

Her new campaign, One Ministry, One Expo, hopes to strengthen TCEB’s pitch to international organisers, by expanding their scope to a more comprehensive government level.

“First we reach out to the relevant ministry, then we approach the organisers to discuss launching their shows in Thailand.

“Is has been proven time and again that events can orchestrate the objectives of companies. They are time-effective and cost-effective in bringing together everybody involved in these industries,” she explains.