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Various foreign companies are competing for China's service market

Source:International Business Daily         Date:2018-05-31 09:05:35

nnovative companies target financial technology

The U.S. chamber of commerce opened the U.S. chamber of commerce at the fifth Beijing trade fair, the first time a U.S. company has attended the fair.

According to the international chamber of commerce executive director Qin Jiahao introduction, confined to the factory in addition to introduce the United States were the services provided by the international chamber of commerce, also special shows six typical American companies, focus on the transfer of intellectual property rights, brand cooperation, cultural products, the Internet service trade projects in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, for the enterprises and entrepreneurs to build all-round cooperation in the field of communication platform, more efforts for the us-china economic and trade, culture, education, science and technology exchange and development to make more contribution.

Nowadays, service trade based on Internet technology and model has become an important driving force of economic growth.Internet technology and mode can promote organizational change, industrial structure transformation and upgrading, and optimize the allocation of resources, breed new service enterprises, and lead the transformation and upgrading of service trade.

Hueyan media co., LTD., a "dual-purpose" company, entered the Chinese market for the first time with its own financial technology products.Wang shengxu, head of the company's China operations, told the international business daily that the company hopes to use the concept of technology ABC for crowdfunding to protect the company.A refers to artificial intelligence, B to blockchain, and C to encrypted digital currency."The Internet still lacks an internal protection mechanism for valuable information.On the network, the cost of information replication, transmission and even tampering is almost zero.Public welfare and humanistic care projects such as doing the raise, the past a lot of people will question the raise money flows and use of the problem, after block chain and encrypted digital currency has the characteristics of uniqueness, security, transparency, and to establish a trust mechanism for the enterprise, enhance efficiency, and reduce operating costs."In wang's imagination, the world economy will enter the digital currency era in the future.

As China gradually opens up its financial sector to the outside world, Mr Wang sees great potential in financial technology.But he also knows that finance is a highly regulated industry in any country.In China's service sector, compliance is important and must be done within a policy framework and under guidance.