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Exhibitors should make good use of information technology to improve efficiency

Source:         Date:2018-05-30 08:46:17

Be good at using all kinds of applications of smart phones to improve work efficiency and save time.Mobile Internet era, the technology of artificial intelligence is not far from us, mobile phone install voice and image recognition, such as the hkust xunfei input method, sogou input method, such as baidu input method, need not spend a lot of time in front of the computer input by hand.

In addition, there are a large number of business CARDS to be entered in the exhibition business, and now the image recognition OCR technology has been very perfect, which can be used to manage a large number of business CARDS with the all-in-one king mobile App.If it's a paper manuscript, you can also use your phone's ORC recognition software to enter it.Some people think that mobile phone screen is too small not convenient operation, but because of many smart phone application, in the treatment of the convention and exhibition business of words, pictures, even the video of some of the simple function, using a mobile phone solution more convenient than the PC.The main thing is, with a good mobile phone, you can effectively use the fragmentation time.Therefore, it will greatly improve work efficiency and save time cost.

WeChat functions to the fullest.At present, most of the exhibition organizers WeChat subscription number very much and look forward to using WeChat subscribe to attract more fans, and now WeChat public subscription viscosity has been greatly reduced, although there are a lot of followers, but not on the second page to open the subscription number to read the article.Here are two tips on how to maximize WeChat:

First, all team members should develop the habit of adding WeChat to their customers.Because a large number of exhibitors believe that WeChat is a communication tool between private circle and friends circle, and they are not accustomed to using it for business contact with customers, which is not included in the work scope.But now every business user is using WeChat to handle business, which means WeChat is the best communication tool and marketing platform.

Second, use the WeChat label function well, and make customer notes immediately.Classify customers' major areas and products, and maintain contact with customers to increase trust.In addition, the micro letter to share the article should have interactive features, such as plus audience registration, exhibitors registration links, this can form the marketing spreading closed-loop, lead to the development of convention and exhibition business, if can directly to write data into the business system, efficiency will be higher and more perfect.