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The show tells you how your life will be changed by big data

Source:         Date:2018-05-29 08:41:48

This conference to highlight "the global field of vision, the national level, the industrial perspective, enterprise position" office concept, in the "data creation value innovation drive future", under the conference theme of "several things think tank in convergence" as the annual theme.The conference this year is more focused on the industry positioning, "red" to "choose" exhibition, "to show its nest" only huizhi, built for entrepreneurs and investors to meet the most direct, the most effective communication platform and business service platform, attract gathered a batch of project takes root, blossom and bear fruit.

Assembly around the data will also be gathered, and use ", focusing on global nearly four hundreds of enterprises on artificial intelligence, chain blocks, social governance, industry innovation, wisdom, city, sharing economy, big data fusion, data security and the real economy application results, focusing on large data collection, storage, integration, management, application of cutting edge technology.Among them, Facebook, Google, NTTdata of Japan and Bosch of Germany are all exhibited for the first time.