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exhibition industry has

Source:         Date:2018-05-29 08:32:44

The general statement of the statistical investigation system of the exhibition industry stipulates the statistical objects, scope and application of the exhibition.

Statistical objects

Enterprises (units) engaged in the exhibition industry and related economic activities, including exhibition organization units, exhibition halls and exhibition service providers.

Exhibition statistics

Mass activities in which products, technologies and services are displayed, visited, negotiated, invested, traded and information exchange are the main objectives of the exhibition hall, involving a large number of people.Where a variety of talent recruitment fairs, painting exhibitions, festival activities and other places are not fixed, such places shall not be included in the statistical scope of the system.

Statistical reports

Basic situation table, exhibition organization unit by exhibitions units operating table, domestic situation table, exhibition venues hosting exhibitions for the exhibition project quick report, exhibition venues of operating table and exhibition services companies operating table, the project list for monthly and real-time submitted, other statistics for annual submitted.

Scope of application

This system is applicable to business departments, trade associations, trade promotion associations, exhibition offices and exhibition activity units (enterprises) in various regions.

For online

In order to improve the efficiency of statistical work and reduce the error rate of statistical data, enterprise units through the "exhibition industry management information system" to report directly online.

Local and municipal commercial departments

Responsible for organizing and urging local exhibition enterprises to report statistics timely and accurately.

Local provincial department of commerce

Collect, sort out, review and summarize statistical data reported by various places, and submit statistical results and analysis reports to the ministry of commerce.

The ministry of commerce

To check the statistical data submitted by the provincial commercial departments to ensure the accuracy and seriousness of the industry statistical data.The ministry of commerce regularly inspects and evaluates statistical data.

This system is in line with the principle of highlighting the key points, first thick then fine, in the initial period of the system operation, the establishment of the key contact enterprises (units) system, the key investigation and comprehensive investigation will be combined.Selection of key link enterprises (units) by the municipal departments of commercial administration and related industry association recommended by the provincial commercial departments, summary the mofcom after verification agreed that all selected enterprises into the ministry of commerce on monitoring (units).

In the first half of each year, the statistical results of this system are sent to the commercial departments and key contact enterprises of various provinces and cities in the form of annual statistical analysis and development reports and Shared with the national bureau of statistics.

This system is formulated by the ministry of commerce and approved by the national bureau of statistics.This system shall come into force in May 2018.