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Source:         Date:2018-05-22 08:51:45

Event organizers are adopting the cutting-edge technology known as artificial intelligence (AI) Chat to streamline customer service while improving attendees’ event experiences. Whether it’s Betty, Alexa, TIFFBot or Piobot, chatbots are increasing in numbers in the event industry.

“Chatbots are a new way of communicating with people on the internet, falling between browser and email,” explained Larry Kim, founder of Mobile Monkey, a leading Facebook Messenger marketing platforms.

He continued, “Email marketing is not very interactive and delivery rates are low, and browsing (the) web is popular but clunky on mobile so this third way, chatbots, allows you to message customers and prospects.” 

Chatbots are interactive in that they reply to human messages based on a set of rules of how to respond.

“An AI chatbot ‘talks’ with customers over a messaging channel such as SMS or Facebook Messenger,” explained Robert Caldwell, founder of Sciensio. “Attendees ask questions and get answers from chatbots the way they would from a human.” 

This technology is different from the structured chat technology known as interactive voice response, something many may be familiar with on customer service calls. 

“True AI Chat captures conversation and delivers an answer back,” Caldwell continued. “Because all answers are written by a human, our EventBots have been trained to speak the language of events and they ‘talk’ to your attendees in a conversational manner instead of a just a simple menu driven interaction.”