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Over four days, 81.2 million yuan, 337,100 people visited the Shanghai cooperation import fair

By the Qingdao people's government and the sco industrialist committee jointly organized, Qingdao city business bureau and laoshan district government to undertake the sco countries import goods exhibition in Qingdao successfully.Show lasts four days, a total of from 17 countries such as Russia, kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, 57 enterprises exhibition, exhibition national characteristics food, wine, handicrafts, textile and clothing, household goods and so on more than 60 products, to attract business,

Yangtze river delta: make up "a picture" gradient development exhibition industry

Recently, the 2018 main leadership symposium was held in Shanghai in Yangtze river delta, the Yangtze river delta regional integration development action plan for three years (2018-2020) "(hereinafter referred to as the" action plan ") during the meeting passed the review.11 projects were signed on site, including the cooperation agreement on service guarantee of China international import expo (hereinafter referred to as the cooperation agreement) in the Yangtze river delta region.Shanghai is s

Policy interpretation of the measures for filing major exhibition activities in hangzhou

I. what is the purpose and significance of implementing the measures for filing major exhibition activities in hangzhou? A: hangzhou exhibition activities include meetings, exhibitions, festivals, events, performing a variety of activities such as morphology, numerous projects, the implementation of "hangzhou major exhibition activities for the record method" is for the sake of a more comprehensive grasp information, so that targeted funding support and public service, standardize the market ma

Qingdao wins plaudits with the light of harmony

On June 9, solstice, the Shanghai cooperation organization (sco) Qingdao summit (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai cooperation Qingdao summit) was held at the Qingdao international conference center (hereinafter referred to as the Qingdao conference center).The Shanghai cooperation Qingdao summit will not only help member states build a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win cooperation, but also play an important role in the future deve

Shenzhen international convention and exhibition center will be the "largest living room in the world".

The world's largest convention and exhibition center under construction in shenzhen has stirred the hearts of its citizens. On June 9, hundreds of experts, citizens and media reporters by zhongjian group into the construction of "the world's largest living room", feel the 40 years of reform and opening up China's enterprises and the development of China's construction achievements.

The Shanghai cooperation organization Qingdao summit was held

On 10 June, the eighteenth meeting of the council of heads of state of the sco member states was held at the Qingdao international conference centre. President xi jinping presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech.

Results of the docking of the capital distribution of the fair to see the fair: the press conference of the 2018 China fair was successfully held in Beijing

On June 5, China's creative achievements trade fair (hereinafter referred to as the SEC) press conference held in Beijing, China association for science and technology innovation service center director Zheng Haojun, guangzhou municipal government deputy secretary-general zhang jh, party secretary of guangzhou city association for science and technology, sherry Chen, vice chairman of China association for science and technology innovation service center Guo Hao, deputy director of the guangzhou

Various foreign companies are competing for China's service market

China's ongoing industrial upgrading and consumer upgrading have created unlimited opportunities in the service sector. In the 5th Beijing fair, from America, asean, Africa and other countries and regions overseas exhibitors bullish on China service market, actively promote the domestic enterprise and advantage in services, the platform of the SEC hope with the help of Beijing to seek business opportunities, strengthen cooperation in the field of trade in services.