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The national bureau of statistics released July data that showed no change in economic fundamentals

China's production demand was basically stable in July, employment prices were generally stable, the economic structure continued to be optimized, quality and efficiency improved steadily, and the national economy remained generally stable, the national bureau of statistics (NBS) said at an August 14 press conference held by the state council information office.

Innovation drives China's economy to refresh its endogenous power

At present, innovation is of great significance to China's economic growth. It is not only the first driving force for economic and social development, but also the strategic support for building a modernized economic system.The 19th CPC report further clarifies the important role of innovation in leading economic and social development, and indicates that innovation drive, as a basic national policy, will play an increasingly prominent supporting role in China's economy as it enters the stage o

The real economy is getting stronger

Beijing, Aug. 12 (xinhua) -- huawei sold 54 million mobile phones worldwide in the second quarter, up about 41 percent from the same period last year. What supports huawei's continued success is the company's pursuit of technological innovation.

Local economic "high school" results are good

Over a year, the local economy and semi-annual reports issued in succession.A detailed analysis of this "micro" economic map of China shows a clear trend of steady and sound development.In terms of total growth rate, the economic aggregate of 16 provinces exceeded one trillion yuan, and new growth poles such as central and western regions were being formed at a faster pace.We will focus on the real economy, emerging growth drivers, infrastructure and green development, and promote high-quality d

New kinetic energy has stimulated the new vitality of hainan convention and exhibition industry

There are still months to go before the end of the year, but the hainan international convention and exhibition center is running out of time this year. "Between now and January of next year, there will be little room for new exhibitions, and large meetings with more than 3,000 people will have no seats. Recently, the deputy general manager of hainan international convention and exhibition center li Kennedy told reporters.

Shenzhen international convention and exhibition center officially launched

深圳市经贸信息委服务贸易处领导、各大行业巨头、媒体及各企业高管在内超过500人相聚一堂,共同见证“会展+”新时代的崛起。 深圳国际会展中心建设指挥部副总指挥武小平表示:深圳国际会展中心作为关系深圳未来发展百年大计的重大项目,创新性地采用“建设、运营加综合开发(BO+D)”一体化运作模式,未来并不局限于自身的发展,周边的“一条龙”服务一样都不会落下,场馆周边的酒店、道路交通、商业、办公、公寓等都在紧锣密鼓同步开发建设中。 据悉,深圳·会展湾总建面约300万平米,深圳国际会展中心一期总建面约158万平米,将作为综合商业配套,发展集会展展示、产业总部、商业中心、国际酒店、精品公寓、生态公园等多功能于一体的复合物业生态。作为国际会展活力都会目的地和大湾区科技创新产业新引擎,必将带动城市经济增长、产业结构转型升级,极大地提升城市形象与知名度。

Shanghai pudong convention and exhibition industry will develop with multi-district integration and wisdom

As an important emerging industry, exhibition industry is an important part of modern service industry, which has a significant multiplier effect on economic growth and social development.The recently issued the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" pudong new area of convention and exhibition industry development planning "(hereinafter referred to as the" planning "), by 2020, the pudong new area into a world-class, Asia Pacific's leading international exhibition of high-end brand e

President xi's trip to Asia and Africa includes the four new developments

From Beijing to ABU dhabi, from Dakar to Johannesburg, President xi jinping's trip to Asia and Africa, like a beautiful arc, crossed the continent of Asia and Africa, crossed the thousands of miles of guanshan, and reconnected the fiery Middle East and Africa to China.