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Date Date: 2019.03.16-2019.03.17
Next date: 2020.03--2020.03
Interval: every year
Venue Country: Belgium
City: Kortrijk
Venue: Kortrijk Xpo
Event Website:
Visitor: general public:
Industry: Articles for Children & Baby ~ Toys & Games
Description Fair for parents-to-be and their babies Do you want to discover everything about the baby universe one weekend and one place? Do you want some expert advice, information, and a sample of your child's biggest brand? Yes, so Mustela, Friso, LeChat, portrait studio, Christian mutual, Nuby...You will be invited here to discover the world's largest education and information exhibition about babies and future moms! BABYDAYS is the only salon in Belgium that offers services. Baby guidelines, all useful information and correct addresses. Gifts, coupons, promotional items and free samples. Answer all your questions. As you can see, the coupons we give you are for you to reduce the price of entering the salon.We look forward to you and your friends.Don't hesitate to warn them! Free admission for children under 12
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