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Date Date: 2020.06-2020.06
Interval: every two years
Venue Country: Switzerland
City: Bern
Venue: BEA Bern Expo
Event Website:
Visitor: trade visitors:
Industry: Telecommunication, Data Processing, Computer ~ Optics, Optical Instruments, Laser
Main product: Hardware exhibition area: UAV, unmanned ship, aerial camera, laser radar, mobile measuring vehicle, laser 3D scanner, total station, range finder, level, electronic theodolite, laser marking instrument , laser tunnel cross-section instrument, GPS super st
Description Trade fair and Conference for Geoinformation GEOSUMMIT, the international geographic information trade fair of Bernier, will adhere to the style of internationalization, specialization and branding, and actively promote the professional producers, distributors, distributors, research institutes and service agencies of surveying and mapping in the world. Interactive communication between surveying and mapping experts and end users, focusing on the related software, hardware, system integration and solutions in the profession, covering up the technology and application of occupational land, sea, air, sky and land integration, promoting the continuous integration of industry into the cross-border Directions.
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