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Royal Highland Show 2019

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Date Date: 2019.06.20-2019.06.23
Founded in: 1784
Interval: every year
Venue Country: UK
City: Edinburgh
Opening hours: daily 8:00-19:00 h
Venue: Royal Highland Centre
Event Website:
Visitor: trade visitors:
Industry: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery Products ~ Food & Beverages, Food Processing ~ Horticulture, Gardening
Main product: Agricultural Implements, Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Products, Beverages, Breeding Cattle, Fertilizer, Flowers, Foodstuff, Forestry, Horticulture, Household, Plant Protection, Tools, Wooden Products
Description International agriculture and horticulture exhibition. Celebrating its 179th year, The Royal Highland Show is one of Scotland's most iconic events, showcasing the very best of farming food and rural life. A great day out for everyone of all ages, get up close to the country's top quality livestock, taste exceptional food & drink and experience rural living at its most vibrant.
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