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Light + Building 2020

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Date Date: 2020.03.08-2020.03.13
Next date: 2022.03--2022.03
Founded in: 2000
Interval: every two years
Venue Country: Germany
City: Frankfurt
Opening hours: daily 09:00-18:00 h last day 09:00-17:00 h
Venue: Exhibition Centre Frankfurt
Event Website:
Visitor: trade visitors:
Industry: Building & Construction, Real Estate ~ Sanitation, Air-conditioning, Plumbing, Lighting ~ Optics, Optical Instruments, Laser
Main product: architecture, Alarm Systems, Appartment Lighting Fittings, Batteries, Building Automation, Building Engineering, Cables, Current Supply Installations, Electric Automation Technology, Electric Installation Equipment, Energy Conservation, Energy Distributio
Description The World's Leading Trade Fair for lighting and building services technology Light + Building is held every two years in Frankfurt, Germany. It is the world's largest lighting and Building service trade fair.From photovoltaic and power-driven LED technology to smart power use via smart meters and smart grids, it will be on show today.Thanks to the combination of lighting and network building service skills, exhibitors have the opportunity to demonstrate a diversity of goods and skills that will contribute significantly to fully exploiting the building's energy conservation potential.The successful concept of Light + Building is based on the development trend at that time. It is full, powerful and future-oriented.As for the planners, planners and business personnel of the construction industry, the biennial Light + Building is one of the most important expos in the international professional field.From investors to builders, from senior engineers to program engineers, process engineers and operators, from wholesalers to retailers, lighting, electroplating skills and house and Building automation professionals around the world are all attracted by Light + Building.Today, as the most important and largest fair in the professional field, Light+Building has received strong support from the association of German electrical and electronic manufacturers, the federation of German machinery and equipment manufacturers, the federation of German sanitary and heating and air conditioning equipment and other preemptive trade associations.Here you will be exposed to the professional group of clients, including senior engineers, corporate decision-makers, wholesalers and retailers from all over the world, to ensure that you present your products in the most high-end channels and have a more direct understanding of the latest events and the most advanced scientific skills.Frankfurt's excellent geographical environment makes it easier for you to enter the vast international trading mall.
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