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boot Düsseldorf 2020

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Date Date: 2020.01-2020.01
Founded in: 1969
Interval: every year
Venue Country: Germany
City: Dusseldorf
Opening hours: daily 10:00-18:00 h
Venue: Dusseldorf Messegelände
Event Website:
Visitor: trade visitors:
Industry: Marine, Shipbuilding, Shipping, Port Equipment ~ Boats, Small Ships (incl. Equipment & Supplies)
Main product: Yachts and related: a wide variety of fishing boats and yachts, accessories, equipment, professional documentation, insurance, surfing equipment, chartering, Marine art.Boat show in the water,anseboot port, etc
Description International Boat Show Hanseboot is held every two years by the renowned exhibition company Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH in the port of ancora Marina in neustadt.The exhibition will be held for 3 days, which will provide opportunities for buyers from both local and worldwide to meet. Germany is a superyacht manufacturer.The ultra high quality yacht inherited from the steel, aluminum body superyacht also makes the German yacht famous all over the world.The German market grew 14% last year and 4.7% last year.Rising production costs for European companies are set to lure Chinese dinghies into the European market. Europe is the world's second-largest yacht market, accounting for nearly 40% of the world's yacht market.Among them, the yacht industry in France has maintained the largest yacht market in Europe after the rapid development in the last decade, ranking the second in the world after the United States.Besides, the yacht industry of Italy and Britain is also very developed, and Germany, Norway, Finland and yacht industry all rank the top in the world.Although the number of yachts in the United States is large, the average unit price of yachts is far lower than in Europe.
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Anguilla: 1, Australia: 1, Austria: 41, Bahamas: 1, Belgium: 26, Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba: 1, Bulgaria: 2, Canada: 1, China, People's Republic : 12, Croatia: 36, Curaçao: 9, Cyprus: 3, Czechia: 9, Denmark: 13, Ecuador: 1, Egypt: 33, Estonia: 15, Finland: 16, France: 105, Germany: 839, Greece: 43, Honduras: 5, Hong Kong, China SAR: 3, Hungary: 4, Indonesia: 42, Ireland: 5, Israel: 1, Italy: 127, Japan: 1, Jordan: 1, Korea, Republic: 2, Latvia: 3, Lebanon: 1, Liberia: 1, Liechtenstein: 2, Lithuania: 3, Luxembourg: 5, Madagascar: 1, Malaysia: 2, Maldives: 13, Malta: 7, Mauritius: 1, Mexico: 7, Monaco: 2, Montenegro: 4, Morocco: 2, Netherlands: 123, Norway: 6, Palau: 2, Papua New Guinea: 1, Philippines: 19, Poland: 33, Portugal: 44, Russia: 7, Seychelles: 1, Singapore: 2, Slovenia: 7, South Africa: 5, Spain: 59, Sweden: 15, Switzerland: 22, Taiwan: 2, Thailand: 4, Turkey: 46, Ukraine: 2, United Arab Emirates: 1, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irela: 58, United States of America : 20
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