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World Hospital Congress 2019

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Date Date: 2019.10.10-2019.10.12
Interval: every year
Venue Country: Australia
City: Brisbane
Opening hours: daily
Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Event Website:
Visitor: trade visitors:
Industry: Medical & Hospital Equipment, Supplies ~ Health Care (Equipment, Products & Services)
Main product: Articles for Surgery, Diagnostics, Emergency Services, Hospital Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Hospital Management, Hospital Supplies, Hygienics, Laboratory Apparatus, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Technology, Medical Appliances
Description With the help of the international federation of the hospital, the hospital international conference and exhibition is a unique global activity, every year will be the important health leaders gather together, share ideas and experiences, build a network, and in the health care and hospital leadership has made remarkable achievements. Through BBS, the promotion of multi-disciplinary exchanges of knowledge, expertise and experience, and discussions in hospitals and health care management and provision of services.
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